Annie Hambleton

Annie Hambleton

My name is Annie Hambleton and I have lived in North Devon for approximately 16 yrs. I have a 21 year old son who had a diagnosis of ASC & epilepsy from about the age of 7.

Our journey through assessments, diagnosis, education and medical examinations was a prolonged and very stressful time and those anxieties rippled through my whole family, and indeed my extended family.

I joined The Forum so I could talk to people in a similar position and gain some guidance and confidence from other parents and professionals.

As a Trustee of The Forum, I help at various events and at the monthly drop-in coffee mornings held at Roundswell Community Centre.

As my son is now 21, I am interested in areas such as supported education, employment, training and supported living. I continue to go forwards constantly learning about the possibilities and options that may be open to my son in the future.

I hope my experience and knowledge of bringing up a child with autism may help other parents and carers in the local area.

Our aims

  • To offer informal support to parents, carers and people with ASC/ADHD.
  • To share information.
  • To organise social events.
  • To maintain and develop contact with professionals.
  • To invite guest speakers.