Guest Speakers


Informative talks are arranged with guest speakers who provide members with information, inspiration and humour!

Past Speakers

  • Professor Tony Atwood, world renowned experton AS, talked about ASC.
  • Luke Beardon, university lecturer, gave talks on sensory issues and how anxiety affects behaviour.
  • Ros Blackburn talked about her experiences with autism.
  • Julia Daunt talked about PDA.
  • Lynne Moxon, a psychologist, gave talks on transition and puberty & sexuality in ASC.
  • Dr. Wendy Lawson talked about her experiences as a professional with high functioning autism.
  • Jonathan Tommey, MD of the Autism Clinic, gave a talk on biomedical imbalances in ASC

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Contact Details

P.O. Box 174
EX39 9EA
07923 481332
Registered Charity
No: 1172597

Our aims

  • To offer informal support to parents, carers and people with ASC/ADHD.
  • To share information.
  • To organise social events.
  • To maintain and develop contact with professionals.
  • To invite guest speakers.