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North Devon Forum for Autistic Spectrum Conditions and ADHD

Support and Information

If you can spare some time to help with research projects you can make a difference. Please contact us if you would like your project listed here.

We hold regular Meet and Greet events for professionals, Information Days for parents and Talks at local schools. These events offer an opportunity to network, keep up to date and share the ever changing pathways.

If your group or school would like us to give a talk which could provide you with information, tips and tricks on how to successfully support someone with ASC/ADHD, then please contact us.


We may be able to support people at other events by taking a mini library and/or our information board. This would be by special arrangement and if Trustees were able to attend.


If you can spare some time to help with research projects you can make a difference. Please contact us if you would like your project listed here.

ADHD Services Mapping Survey

This survey is now closed but will repeated in 2018

This is a mapping survey designed to find out which adult ADHD services are out there for young people with ADHD aged 18 and over to transition into from children’s services. This means that this survey can be answered by any person of any age who has knowledge of ADHD services, whether they have ADHD themselves or not and whether they are a parent/carer or not.

The survey can be found here where you can tell the researchers about adult ADHD services in your area. It asks no more than 8 questions and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

The survey is anonymous and people’s responses will contribute to the creation of a map detailing adult ADHD services currently available in the UK – or equally important the lack of adult services.

If you want more information about the project, please visit:

UoE Medical School

Survey on Mind Wandering

We would like to invite you to complete an online survey investigating the impact of mind wandering and if it leads to differences in our experiences of education, occupation, and creativity. Everyone’s mind wanders, but we all do it to a different degree, so what is its impact?

Severe mind wandering that just won’t seem to stop and feels uncontrollable could also be associated with disorders such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). By exploring the relationship between these things we can better understand the impact of mind wandering and the extent to which it affects peoples’ lives.

Take the survey now online - it takes 10-15 minutes and there is a chance to win one of five £50 Amazon vouchers.

Online Survey

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Florence Mowlem:

Email Florence Mowlam

Oral health and Dentistry

This research will involve interviewing parents of primary school aged children in Somerset and Devon, UK about their experiences of taking their child with autism for a dental examination.

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